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Altenburg by the Sea: Dreaming Villages, Connecting Shores

The Altenburg Hub activates villages to dream, build and connect in the rural Altenburger Land.
The hub offers a dreamy vision of the region: “how would it be by the sea? Who do we meet in its harbour villages? Who comes and goes?” The Altenburg Hub builds on the workshop-festival “Altenburg by the Sea”. In the first phase, the team travelled with a wooden boat to four villages and co-created audio-plays imagining the village as harbours, connected to the wide world. Through dialogue, they gathered ideas and desires for projects to be implemented in the village.

The hub wants to think its future in little sustainable, colourful steps. Together with local village-chroniclers we dig out histories of migration and travelling. They get inspired by the little ponds and streams in the surrounding and the sea-postcards from other VAHA hubs across Europe. In the next step, these dreams get turned into realistic projects in the villages. They connect to activities of other VAHA hubs. Even though many people have left the region since the 90s, young adults are moving back and the sea brings new residents from all over the Mediterranean. Sourcing from archive material and co-creative playfulness, the hub investigates the persistent question of their region: “how do we want to live in creative, lively and intercultural villages in Altenburger Land”?

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