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Collaborations Open call

Call for journalistic portraits of VAHA hubs and their collaborations

The VAHA programme is seeking journalists to write articles/produce a podcast or video about cultural hubs and their collaborations.
VAHA (meaning “oasis” in Turkish) is a two-year programme made with and for the empowered voices of independent arts and culture spaces, advocating for public discussion and dialogue in cities across Turkey, Europe, and their neighbouring countries. 

We are convinced that the people in our VAHA community do exceptional work: they activate their local community, change the perception of the status quo, spin new connections across borders and inspire people. 

We want more people to know about them and follow their work! 

For this purpose, we are looking for journalists to create portraits, report on and tell the stories of people, places, and ideas for a wider and more diverse audience. VAHA Hubs are active in culture, arts, and civil society in the following countries: Turkey, Ukraine, Cyprus, Greece, Albania, Serbia, Hungary, Germany, and Portugal

The journalists can work in English or any local language (for the purpose of publishing locally) and any medium, but the reports should have two components: a visual one (photography, video) and a narrative one (text, podcast etc.). 

We are looking especially for journalists with links to national/regional or international media outlets where they can cover these pieces. The journalistic pieces will be also published on the VAHA website and disseminated via the programme’s social media accounts.

What we expect

  • Well researched publication linking different experiences in the VAHA programme, not only scratching the surface 
  • An article, a video, or a podcast 
  • We encourage you to do the work in English, but we are open to local languages especially for publishing in local news outlets - but then with a comprehensive English summary for the VAHA website. 
  • We encourage you to make it relevant and transport to a wide audience. 
  • The outcome to be published in a media outlet & sharable link on the VAHA website.

What we offer

  • The freedom to take an angle for the portraits that you think is interesting to your audience and community 
  • Reasonable compensation based on the extensivity of the final output (short/long article, podcast, video-reportage). We can offer compensation in a range of 100 € - 400 € (net), depending on the extent of your output. 
  • The journalists retain the right to re-sell their articles to media outlets and are encouraged to do so. 
  • Travel is not expected. We’d appreciate working with journalists on the ground who also know the community that they will report about. However, we are also open to different approaches, e.g. doing interviews online etc. 

Next steps

Submission of proposal 

  • Check out the VAHA hubs and their collaborations on the VAHA website
  • To apply please fill in the application form
    • Your pitch (in English, max. 300 words),
    • A short CV including examples of previous work
    • A budget proposal (The cost estimate can involve a simple listing of expenditures. Expenditures can be for estimated working hours, word count, length of podcast/video, extra expenditures for editing etc.)

You can prepare these beforehand, so you just need to copy and paste into the application form

Submission for pitch: On a rolling basis
Submission period for published journalistic work: 1 April 2022 to 1 September 2022


If you have any further questions, you can contact Rejane (Project Manager VAHA, MitOst e.V., Berlin) at herwig@mitost.org or Veli (Project Manager VAHA, Anadolu Kültür, Istanbul) at velibasyigit@anadolukultur.org.

Photo by Athens Hub