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VAHA Closing and Dissemination Meeting in Antioch

VAHA hubs met in Antioch (Antakya) and Vakıflı Village between 3-6 November 2022 to reflect on their collaborations and make plans for the future.
During our Closing and Dissemination Meeting, the participants from 13 VAHA hubs shared what happened during their international collaboration projects, reflected on the process and the impact the VAHA programme had on their works. In parallel, the ideas for disseminating their project outputs in new contexts were spun and discussed with potential partners. We also participated in a performative tour through the city of Antioch and explored old Armenian villages on Musa mountain together with our local hosts.

We appreciate our meeting host Antakya Performative Collective, our participants and our local contacts for this amazing gathering, closing of the programme with high spirits and glimpse to the future.

We are happy to share a selection of photos by Antakya Performative Collective from those wonderful days in Antioch!