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Participants of Transnational Networking Meeting selected

We are pleased to announce that 18 organisations in the Council of Europe 45 member states (CoE), who will meet the VAHA hubs from Turkey, have been selected for the Transnational Networking Meeting in Berlin between 22-26 May 2024.
Initially, the meeting will open space to connect with like-minded organisations, enhance solidarity networks, and discuss transnational alliances within and beyond VAHA. 10 VAHA hubs formed by independent cultural and artistic organisations in Turkey and 18 cultural actors from the CoE countries will come together in Berlin for networking, sharing experiences and potentially developing further exchanges for implementing their cultural programming ideas until November 2024.

A warm welcome for joining the VAHA network goes to;

྾ Yerevan
Music of Armenia (MoA)
is breathing new life into the Armenian music legacy by rediscovering, preserving and promoting Armenian music and talent. Additionally, the Music of Armenia plays a central role in the promotion of Armenian musical heritage, as well as in the development of the Armenian music industry. We achieve our objectives by implementing and delivering a variety of projects from one-time concerts and workshops to annual festivals and programming.

྾ Prishtina
Sekhmet Institute
embraces the power of media and the arts to challenge the erasure of queer experiences from Kosovo’s public discourse. Our initiatives span diverse forms of expression – from podcasts to articles, from exhibitions to street art. Our home base is Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo. In this small yet rapidly evolving nation, we are part of a new wave of LGBTIQ+ rights collectives and organizations. In a landscape where many organizations focus on legal, psychological or health services for the queer community, SEKHMET has chosen a distinct path.

྾ Athens
The theatre group THEAMA – Theatre for the Disabled – is the first professional theatre ensemble mainly composed of disabled artists, established in Athens in 2010. They are all members of the Greek Association of Actors, asserting their right to equal representation in the performing arts. THEAMA is proactively engaged in the major challenge of accessibility to the arts. All venues should be accessible for the audiences, and backstage for the artists with mobility disabilities.

྾ Tbilisi
Founded in 2012, the Tbilisi Photo Festival (TPF) is a pioneering organisation using the transformative power of arts as a catalyst for wide-reaching social and cultural changes in Georgia. The organisation is identified as a sustainable educational platform providing new opportunities for non-formal education for various groups including communities that represent ethnic and religious minorities living in remote regions of Georgia. 

྾ Düsseldorf
is an interdisciplinary artist network and cooperation office for transcultural work. Driven by curiosity and the joy of dialogue, we set out to open up new perspectives through interdisciplinary international productions. At the intersection of performing arts, literature, film and music, we develop sustainable social visions of the future: We deconstruct stereotypes and prejudices – to connect with each other through the arts.

྾ Holstebro
Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium-Odin Teatret
makes world-class theatre, for everyone. We create and share unforgettable stories with audiences locally, nationally and around the world – whether on stage, in public spaces, in schools, or virtually. We aim to be as inclusive, diverse and sustainable as possible. Our artistic starting point is an interest and curiosity aimed at art forms from both Western and non-Western traditions, and a desire to create a unique expression based on this encounter.

྾ Berlin
Collective Ma’louba
– Arabic for Upside Down –  reflects on the lived experiences of Arabs in a global context: their historical, political and colonial links and the unsettled status of existence. Collective Ma’louba’s works are always topical and include themes of migration, identity, culture, freedom, and the nature of theatre, and brings together Syrian and other artists in exchanges, workshops, and discussions to galvanise Syrian creativity and cultural life from a diasporic perspective.

྾ Berlin
conceives, develops and implements artistic-cultural projects through decolonial, queer*feminist and migrant perspectives. It creates space for critical debate, reflective experimentation and transnational solidarity. Oyoun serves as an intersectional platform for excellent diasporic and international inter-, cross- and anti-disciplinary art and culture, a place that enables dialogue between local, national and international issues on an artistic level.

྾ Athens
is a vibrant and independent art and community space established in October 2019. Inspired by our namesake neighbourhood's history as a refuge for migrants from Turkey's Toros Dağları in the 1920s, our mission centres on the transformative power of art to shift perspectives and engage communities. Our programs encompass exhibitions, research, education, and community initiatives, creating inclusive spaces for marginalized voices.

྾ Frankfurt
The Bundesverband der Migrantinnen in Deutschland e.V.
is an independent, non-partisan and democratic association of migrants of Turkish origin living in Germany and was founded in Cologne in 2005. Since our foundation, we have been committed to a peaceful and solidary coexistence of people of different origins - for equal and independent participation of migrants and a society without discrimination and marginalisation. The content and organisation of the activities are primarily based on the interests and needs of local women.

྾ Leipzig
KUB gallery
is a platform for the citizens of Leipzig, to engage with new trends and to utilise the mediating role of the members of artpa e.V.  The artpa e.V. was founded in the southern suburbs to be a platform for young contemporary art, as a spatial network, in which playful experiments with various artistic means are possible.​​​​​​​​

྾ Vienna
is an artist-run cultural association, based in Vienna. We are open to all levels of artistic research, with a particular focus on topics related to social equality, inclusion, migration, ecological issues, and feminism. We strive to highlight cultural diversity by hosting artists from different backgrounds, and we are also interested in interdisciplinary projects that demonstrate the intersection of media technologies and contemporary art practices.

྾ Belgrade
Visual Anthropology Center (VAC)
is a creative hub dedicated to audio-visual research of the contemporary world. We want to contribute to the global consciousness of humanity by creating socially sensitive films, photographs, and other forms of audio-visual art. We want to empower others to do so as well and create an international community of international creative thinkers.

྾ Baku
Salaam Cinema
is a community-based cinema and art temple for audio-visual and performing arts. The space is run by a horizontal team of creatives - offering quality programming of creative films, performances, exhibitions & educational programs. We believe that culture should be accessible to everyone, no matter of age, gender, sexual orientation or class. We advocate local filmmaking and film history. The cinema's audience gets a chance to discover new Azerbaijani films and rediscover movies which have written the Azerbaijani film history.

྾ Lesbos
Lesvos Solidarity
facilitates workshops and lessons led by artists, hosts a polyphonic choir, and organises public performances involving various members of the local community and the solidarity movement. We extend invitations to artists, including filmmakers, photographers, musicians, and body percussionists, to participate and collaborate in our activities across Pikpa, Mosaik, and community events. LeSol actively contribute to integration initiatives, through open spaces like the Mosaik Support Center in Mytilene.

྾ Paris
is a non-profit dance company based in Paris, France, focusing on creating performing artworks. Addressing different audiences, Berdahi wishes to reach communities who are not necessarily familiar with performing arts, often bringing its work to open-air venues, away from the theatre building. With four performances and a short film on its record, Berdahi employs an average of 5 collaborators per project and has presented its work in France, England, Switzerland, Greece and Turkey.

྾ Berlin
is a self-organisation of politically persecuted scholars founded in 2017 following mass layoffs at universities in Turkey in the aftermath of the attempted coup d’état in 2016. It gathers scholars and learners worldwide around interdisciplinary fields of knowledge at risk. Off-University offers scholars at risk an opportunity to continue teaching and research. It has focused on Gender Studies and Peace Studies since its outset and initiated collaborative research projects with Kurdish and Turkish scholars.

྾ Brussels
is a contemporary dance center in Molenbeek, Brussels. Founded in 1997, we organise training programs, residencies, platforms, events, and festivals in collaboration with national and international partners. It aims to develop artistic partnerships between individuals or groups for diverse projects. Fostering cooperation between professional and amateur dancers, children and adults, and bodies with different capabilities, DCJ promotes the collaborative growth of contemporary dance in all its forms.