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The Corona Monument

The Eskişehir Hub designed an online, participatory project; a public monument of the recent pandemic and isolation.
You can visit the Corona Monument website through this link. (In English and Turkish)

The Corona Monument is a digital and dynamic monument that is shaped online, where individual experiences, feelings, thoughts and memories during COVID-19 pandemic are represented by objects. Unlike the fixed and imposing monuments that are encountered in city squares, this monument is an invitation to build it together: Eskişehir Hub invites each participant to express their personal experience and memory of this strange period.

The purpose of the Corona Monument is to depict the pandemic process from the own perspective of participating individuals. It aims at following the routes of discoveries, hopes and future ideas about daily life and society, as well as feelings such as fear, anxiety, insecurity, isolation, loss and mourning caused by the pandemic. 

If you want to record this period together add a photograph of an object you care about in this period, and your story and feelings about it. Click here to participate!