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Collaborations Meeting

VAHA Network is growing

VAHA hubs from Turkey and the 17 selected organisations from other Council of Europe countries met at the VAHA II Transnational Networking Meeting in Berlin between 22-26 May 2024.
10 VAHA hubs formed by 23 independent cultural and artistic organisations in Turkey came together with 17 cultural actors from other Council of Europe (CoE) countries in Berlin to network, share experiences and potentially develop further exchanges for implementing their cultural programming ideas.

During our days in Berlin, the participants introduced their organisations and the hubs from Turkey showcased their ongoing VAHA activities. All participants then arranged their Slow Dates with each other and started to connect and discuss transnational alliances, to share experiences and knowledge, and to deepen the conversation.With Cultural Visits and Local Dinners, we explored Berlin’s culture and art scene together. 

We closed the meeting with many potential transnational exchange ideas to be implemented within and beyond the VAHA Round II. A special thanks to Music of Armenia, Sekhmet Institute, TAVROS, Fabrikraum, Salaam Cinema, and Berdahi for coming to Berlin for this 4-day journey and joining the VAHA community. We hope to see the further exchange ideas coming to life. The 10 Transnational Exchange ideas that were seeded during the network meeting were further developed to be implemented with the VAHA Transnational Exchange Grant. At this stage, the partnerships will implement their collaborative programming, visit each other, and participate in each other’s activities. You can read more about their planned activities from hubs’ pages.

We thank iac Berlin for hosting the meeting and Poligonal for enriching the meeting programme with their Cultural Visits routes where we met local cultural organisations and learned about their local contexts and works.

Here is a selection of photos by Adina Constantin from the meeting: