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From Art to Social Change

The DIVAN Hub published a brochure compiling the examples of civil society organisations in Serbia which contributes to social change by means of artistic practices.

You can download the brochure through this link. (In Serbian)

The brochure presents examples of the practices of artistic and educational civil society organisations in Serbia. Although they practice different artistic techniques and communicate with different communities, they all share a belief in the possibility of social change. By combining civic proactivity and art, these people, through citizens’ associations, have been making our society a better place to live for decades.

This brochure is intended for all organisations and individuals who (want to) engage in social change using artistic techniques and methods. It is intended for both national and local institutions - educational institutions, cultural institutions and municipal authorities - who want to enrich their work with various methods and techniques of artists, educators and activists. In this way, we want to improve the cooperation between national institutions and civil society, and in this way enable the entry of innovative methods and techniques into formal education.

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