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Concrete Contract in Tirana

As part of the Concrete Contract project, a series of events was held in Tirana.

“Voicing Voices”: Collection of short films by the Diyarbakır Arts Center (DSM)

25 May 2022, Destil Creative Hub

The idea of BAK Voicing Voices Collective Production Workshop came out of the excitement that stems from the possibility of rapidly passing through sliding doors of time and space via stories we have been hearing and telling since we were children. We wanted to go on a journey with whispers of women in the universe of emotions and experiences suppressed and kept inaudible by dominant narratives of the city. We went on an adventure to bend the customary narratives together with 12 women living in Diyarbakır, Batman and Mardin who share a collective memory and a common experience-world despite all their differences. Is it possible to complement the courage of becoming the subject of the transformation in the story to the weight of witnessing and the urgency of bringing visibility to what we have seen? Instead of grand, noisy and comprehensive narratives, can Voicing Voices offer a possibility to breathe by following the stories that transform, become liberated and diversified through joy of a game and vulnerability of staggering?

Artists: Aylin Kızıl, Berivan Bagı, Berivan Karatorak, Evindar Tokur, Fatma Çelik, Fatoş Güneri, Mediha Güzelgün, Nalin Acar, Rozerin Tadik, Semiha Yıldız, Sibel Öğe, Zelal Sadak

Supervisors: Ayça Çiftçi, Sevgi Ortaç

Collective Making of Cities, Relations and Expressions

26 May 2022, Tek Bunkeri

A discussion in the form of a fishbowl on the collective creation of cities, relations and expressions was held in the courtyard of Tek Bunkeri. It was intended to encourage discussion among the participants to give each of them their ideas and views about the relationship with concrete.

Movement workshop by Savaş Işık

27 May 2022, ZETA Contemporary Art Center

Savaş Işık, as a professional actor interested in “Method Acting Technique (Realist-psychological system)”, facilitated a movement workshop. This process-oriented workshop looked for a better understanding of the psychophysical movement chain on human nature in a cross-cultural context.

Sound recording workshop and performance by Sofia Zafeiriou

28 May 2022, Tek Bunkeri

In the workshop, sound artist and composer Sofia Zafeiriou gave a presentation on the sound recording techniques and equipment, and gave the participants the task of recording the voices they found interesting in Tirana. The workshop ended with a performance of electronic music by Zafeiriou.